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Auckland Championship Women’s Fours - 2014
13 Entries
 6 Qualifiers
Caroll Smyth, Pat Dangerfield, Nola Morton, Gladys Ivicevich (Holy Cross Henderson)
Norma Muir, Betty Murphy, Bev Maxwell, Dorothy Harrods (Portage)
Mary Wakefield, Alayne Webster, Pat McMaster, Averil Jolly (Mangere Central)
Ruth Baxter, Pam Cohen, Irene Topliss, Lynnette Cotes (Olympic)
Judi Moyle, Margaret Sterling, Jeanette Zaknic, Valerie Vlasveld (Hobsonville)
Lynda Brens, Doreen Keat, Frances Webster, Dot Johnson (Portage)
Last 8
Judi Moyle beat Lynda Brens 14 – 5
Ruth Baxter beat Norma Muir 6 – 5
Mary Wakefield, Caroll Smyth - Byes
Semi Finals
Ruth Baxter beat Judi Moyle 12 – 1
Mary Wakefield beat Caroll Smyth 9 – 2
Final:Ruth Baxter (Olympic) beat Mary Wakefield (Mangere Central) 7 – 6

Auckland Championship Men’s Fours - 2014
11 Entries
 6 Qualifiers
Neil Gash, Barry Kinnaird, Ken Gash, Stuart Liddell (Te Atatu)
Lance Jenner, Paul Psaila, Ian Wheeler, Ken Wright (Olympic)
Jim Patterson, Jim Topliss, John Walters, Bill Tinton (St Dominics)
Rodney Mills, Ray Wyatt, Kevin Childs, Robert Procter (Portage)
John Dunn, Graeme Wilson, Neville Spiers, Colin Adams (Howick Club)
John Budd, Graham Taiaroa, Neville Pomana, Ian Keat (Te Atatu)
Last 8
Rodney Mills beat Neil Gash 9 – 4
Lance Jenner beat John Budd 7 – 5
Graeme Wilson, Jim Patterson - Byes
Semi Finals
Lance Jenner beat Rodney Mills 11 – 3
Jim Paterson beat Graham Wilson 15 – 1
Lance Jenner (Olympic) beat Jim Patterson (St Dominics) 10 – 2

The Auckland Singles
The final was won by Paul Wright, beating last years champion Gavin Eccles in the final. Paul was 3 up last end and left Gavin with little opportunity on the last end to get 3.

All the best Paul at the Henselite Singles final in Hamilton on Saturday 13th September! (And of course for the North Island test match and tour in August!)...12 Qualifiers.

First round;
Byes - John Dunne, Judi Moyle, Gavin Eccles, Patrick Morrison

Kevin Childs beat Jenny Stockford; Ray Wyatt beat Barry Kinnaird (on extra end, and with last bowl); Robert Procter beat Rodney Mills; Paul Wright beat Kerrin Fremlin

John Dunne beat Judi Moyle 9-7; Gavin Eccles Beat Patrick Morrison 7-6 (on extra end); Paul Wright beat Kevin Childs; Ray Wyatt beat Robert Procter

Paul Wright beat John Dunne; Gavin Eccles beat Ray Wyatt

Paul Wright beat Gavin Eccles

Auckland Championship Junior Singles - 2014
4 Entries
Mesha White (Swanson)
Shane Doctor (Swanson)
Alexander Avo-Leung-Wo (Swanson)
Tiri Atiau (Mangere Central)
Winner – Shane Doctor (Swanson)
Runner Up – Tiri Atiau (Mangere Central)
Third – Mesha White (Swanson)
This win gives Shane Doctor his first Auckland Centre title.
Auckland Championship Executive Fours - 2014
22 Entries
6 Qualifiers
Portage 1 (Ray Wyatt, Norma Muir, David Lloyd, Ken Pearce)
Hobsonville 1 (Kevin Childs, Doreen Tisot, Margaret Sterling, Valerie Vlasveld)
Mangere Bridge Plunket (Jeanne Carey, Helen Robinson, Jocelyn Rose, Sue Redfern)
Te Atatu 2 (Patrick Morrison, Ken Gash, Stuart Liddell, Merise Taiaroa)
Waterlea (Anthony Atiau, Tony Kairua, Piri Atiau, Jim Wakefield)
Holy Cross Papatoetoe 2 (Terry Sharrow, Bev Caulton, Stan Bzozowski, Keith Sharrow)
Last 6
Hobsonville 1 beat Portage 1 (6 – 4)
Waterlea beat Mangere Bridge Plunket (8 – 4)
Holy Cross Papatoetoe 2 and Te Atatu 2 - Bye
Semi Finals
Waterea beat Hobsonville (8 – 4)
Holy Cross Papatoetoe 2 beat Te Atatu 2 (9 – 6)
Waterlea (Anthony Atiau, Tony Kairua, Piri Atiau, Jim Wakefield) beat Holy Cross Papatoetoe 2 (Terry Sharrow, Bev Caulton, Stan Bzozowski, Keith Sharrow) (7 – 4)
This win gives Jim Wakefield his Gold Star for 5 Auckland Centre titles.

Auckland Championship Mixed Fours - 2014
21 Entries
8 Qualifiers
Rodney Mills, George Paice, Moyra Hood, Myrtle Wilson (Manurewa Cosy)
Don Fremlin, John Kidd, Glenys Kidd, Judy Cooke (Hobsonville)
Brian Fahey, Stan Renwick, Trish Fahey, Cheryl Pereira (St Annes)
Trevor Moyle, Jock Jamieson, Doreen Tisot, Margaret Jamieson (Hobsonville)
Anthony Atiau, Mary Wakefield, Piri Atiau, Jim Wakefield (Mangere Central)
John Dunn, Wayne McCarthy, Lea Wase, Carolyn Alleyne (Howick)
Graham Wilson, Colin Adams, Zelda Adams, Noeline Wilson (Howick)
Ray Wyatt, Judi Moyle, Bill Tinton, Jeanette Zaknic (Hobsonville)
Last 8
Ray Wyatt beat Graham Wilson 13 – 1
Don Fremlin beat John Dunn 7 – 6
Rodney Mills beat Brian Fahey 9 – 6
Anthony Atiau beat Trevor Moyle 8 – 2
Semi Finals
Don Fremlin beat Ray Wyatt 8 – 7
Anthony Atiau beat Rodney Mills 7 – 5
Don Fremlin (Hobsonville) beat Anthony Atiau (Mangere Central) 11 – 5

Auckland Centre Champ Pairs Results ‏  
Last 8
Caroll Smyth beat Don Fremlin 9-4
Colin Hanson beat Jim Patterson 9-8
John Dunn beat John Kidd 8-7
Paul Psaila beat Barry Kinnaird 9-6

Semi Final
Caroll Smyth beat Colin Hanson 11-3
Paul Psaila beat John Dunn 7-4

Paul Psaila, Margaret Sterling beat Caroll Smyth, David Smyth 8-7
This win gives Paul Psaila his 20th Centre title.         

Auckland Championship Fours - 2014 - 19 Entries 
Myrtle Wilson gained her 10th Centre title.

9 Qualifiers
Rodney Mills, George Paice, Sue Paice, Myrtle Wilson, (Manurewa Cosy)
Ray Wyatt, Kevin Childs, Ruth Baxter, Margaret Sterling, (Hobsonville)
Greg Baxter, Jock Jamieson, Margaret Jamieson, Angie Newton, (Swanson)
Don Fremlin, John Kidd, Glenys Kidd, Judy Cooke, (Hobsonville)
Caroll Smyth, David Smyth, Chris Martin, Gladys Ivicivich, (Holy Cross Henderson)
Gavin Eccles, Gary Taiaroa, Merise Taiaroa, Bev Maxwell (Te Atatu)
Neil Gash, Ken Gash, Neville Pomana, Susan Liddell (Te Atatu)
Jim Patterson, Jim Topliss, John Walters, Bill Tinton (St Dominics)
Brian Fahey, Stan Renwick, Trish Fahey, Cheryl Pereira (St Annes)

Last 8
Caroll Smyth beat Gavin Eccles 9 - 6
Ray Wyatt beat Neil Gash 9 - 4
Don Fremlin beat Brian Fahey 9 - 2
Rodney Mills beat Jim Patterson 7 - 4

Semi Finals
Ray Wyatt beat Caroll Smyth 10 - 6
Rodney Mills beat Don Fremlin 6 - 4

Rodney Mills (Manurewa Cosy) beat Ray Wyatt (Hobsonville) 9 - 7

Results for the 2014 Championship Triples:

Last 8
Neil Gash beat John Walters 11 - 2
Jenny Stockford beat Anthony Atiau 8 - 7
Rodney Mills beat Phil Spring 10 - 5
Caroll Smyth beat John Dunn 7 - 5

Semi Finals
Neil Gash beat Jenny Stockford 9 - 2
Rodney Mills beat Caroll Smyth 15 - 2

Rodney Mills (Manurewa Cosy) beat Neil Gash (Te Atatu) 9 - 8

Rodney Mills achieved 10 titles with the Championship Triples on Saturday and George Paice achieved 5 titles.  Myrtle Wilson is now on 9 titles.

Auckland Centre Gold Stars 2013
Ten Titles Bar:
Kevin Childs – Singles (1993, 2009), Fours (1992), Mens
Fours (2004, 2013), Mixed Fours (1989), Pairs (1991, 1996),
Champ of Champ Singles (1991, 2008)
Kerrin Fremlin – Junior Singles (2008, 2009), Executive
Fours (2010), Pairs (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012), Fours (2010),
Mens Fours (2005), Triples (2013)

Gary Taiaroa – Singles (2004), Mixed Fours (2001, 2011),
Fours (2002, 2005, 2008), Men’s Fours (2004, 2007),
Executive Fours (2011), Triples (2013)

Gavin Eccles – Executive Fours (2008, 2010), Singles
(2008, 2013), Fours (2008, 2010), Men’s Fours (2011),
Pairs (2012, 2013), Champ of Champ Singles (2013)

Fifteen Titles Bar:
Pam Cohen – Mixed Fours (2009), Women’s Fours (1989,
2000, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013), Champ Fours (1997, 2011),
Champ Triples (2009, 2012), Executive Fours (2012), Mixed
Pairs (2011, 2013), Champ of Champ Singles (2010)

Ruth Baxter – Nominated Fours (1988), Women’s Fours
(1992, 2012, 2013), Executive Fours (1993, 1998), Pairs
(2000), Triples (2001) Mixed Pairs (2001, 2002), Mixed Fours
(2006, 2007), Fours (2006, 2007, 2012)

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